Your Purpose Lies Beyond You!

In the simplest of terms, if your purported purpose is about achieving more for yourself, its not your purpose… it’s someone else’s. Even when you think in terms of seeking a better job to better provide for your family, that is ultimately about you.

If you become stumped in your search to find the greatness that resides within you, but just beyond your reach. And you await the fulfillment that accompanies that greatness, you may be looking in the wrong place. That greatness, and that fulfillment, and that flow, is seldom, if ever, about you.

Your sense of purpose, and the fulfillment that follows, comes in the truest spirit of serving others. Make your mission not for your own sake, but for others. Your gifts, like with all other species, are for the purpose of benefitting others. That is where fulfillment and true happiness reside.

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