Unthinkable starts with a Vision

In the simplest of terms, the question is, ‘does size matter?’ Does the boldness, the audacity, the mere magnitude of one’s vision toward achieving greatness make a difference?

And, in the simplest of terms, the answer to that question, at least based on my discussions with these 50+ extraordinary individuals, is, ‘yes, to a degree.’
Achievement begins with a vision. Every accomplishment ever conceived, was first, an idea. And the magnitude of the idea, typically is a reflection of the magnitude of the end result. However, the idea must be executed! And that requires courage, perseverance, tenacity, and all of the other human attributes that bring the idea to fruition.

In other words, vision is necessary, but far from sufficient. The message I consistently heard was, it takes a vision to get the idea rolling, and tenacity, courage, and everything else, to keep it rolling. Then, they said, rinse and repeat, over and over and over again!

Doing the unthinkable, they reminded me, is not an event, but a lifestyle.

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