Unstoppable with Kelly Roach

Kelly Roach

I believe that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance and faith in that you can have, do or be anything that you desire

Kelly Roach

Marcel Kuhn: Who are you and what do you do?

Kelly Roach: I am a human in search of my greatest potential, finding the best way to use the gifts I was given during my time on the planet. I help people find the fastest, most efficient way possible to build and grow a profitable business without compromising their quality of life along the way.

Privately, I have the most amazing husband in the world – his name is Billy. I have a daughter named Madison and at the time we are recording this, she is 2.5 years old. Most of my free time is about family and enjoying the moments. I love to experience life through my daughters’ eyes. For me, life is about connecting with people whom I love, getting outdoors, being active, and just being present in with my husband and daughter.

Marcel Kuhn: How do you define success?

Kelly Roach: I define success as having your inside world match your outside world; you are living your life in alignment with your soul’s purpose. When I think of a successful person, Tony Robbins comes to mine. He is probably the person that I most look up to in that realm.

Marcel Kuhn: How do you define fulfillment?

Kelly Roach: For me, there are a couple of different realms of fulfillment.

On the professional side, fulfillment is doing work that matters and helps other people to become more successful and to live a life of fulfillment and happiness. For me, work has to challenge me to become the best possible version of myself and utilize the gifts I was given.

On the personal side, fulfillment is about spending time with my husband and my daughter. It is important to me, to be present in moments. Today, for example, I stopped in the middle of my day and went to see my daughter’s last gymnastics class of the session where the parents are allowed to come in and watch. The freedom that I can build my day around my family’s schedule fulfills me.

Marcel Kuhn: What is your vision / your dream for the next five to ten years?

Kelly Roach: My vision is to build a globally recognized entrepreneurial education company, helping entrepreneurs around the world to start, grow and scale their freedom-based business. My goal is to scale my programs to a global level and work with coaches across the world to replicate the results that my clients are already getting. I am balancing and measuring as we grow to see what path works best to ensure that people are getting optimal results.

My podcast Unstoppable Success Radio is my favorite thing that I have ever done in my business, most fun and most profitable.

Marcel Kuhn: What are your core beliefs?

Kelly Roach: My top core belief is that we were all put on the planet with a purpose. We are all blessed with specific gifts for a reason. Our mission here is to utilize those gifts in the best way possible and do what we are intended to do on the planet.

I believe that anything is possible with hard work, perseverance and faith in that you can have, do or be anything that you desire. We were given gifts far beyond what we can even quantify. Hope, faith, and gratitude are the most energetic mindsets to stay in.

Marcel Kuhn: What are your core values?

Kelly Roach: My core values that define my belief-system are gratitude, faith, integrity passion, and commitment.

Marcel Kuhn: What were your key decisions and key moments in your life?

Kelly Roach: The most important decision in my life was to marry my husband. This was my best decision without a doubt. He is my soulmate, my partner in everything, my confidante, my best friend and the person I most trust.

Professionally I have three key decisions. First; landing in the right place, to begin with, second; staying the course when the going got tough and then third; realizing the path that was going to allow me to fulfill my full potential with my own business.

Marcel Kuhn: What are your references (people that inspired you) for your life and career?

Kelly Roach: The first mentor that I had in my career was Dave. He is still a mentor to me today. He shaped me professionally and taught me everything I learned in business person. He is the person that supported me, believed in me and encouraged me to do that. He had a massive impact on my career and life in countless ways.

Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, and Napoleon Hill are people that influenced my way of thinking and my worldview. I read THINK AND GROW RICH early in my working career. I attended one of Tony Robbins event – ‘Unleash the Power Within’ (UPW) – within a year of starting my business.

My parents influenced my values and my work ethic; they were not business people. They made me the person who I am today. In so many ways, not being handed things made me understand early on that you have to work for it. Figuring out how to do that is invaluable in living a successful life for yourself.

Marcel Kuhn: What is your superpower?

Kelly Roach: It is a combination of giving people confidence to believe in themselves and giving people the clarity on how to move forward.

My parents always taught me to express love, appreciation, and value what you see in other people. This principle is deeply ingrained and molded me into who I am.

I think that my confidence comes from working my way up quickly. I have experience that most people have over a span of twenty to thirty years crammed into ten years. For a person of my age, I have much experience in managing, coaching and leading people to reach their goals.

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