It’s Not About Success, but Fulfillment

It is not unthinkable to grow up in pursuit of success.  That is our objective when we go to school, when we take a job, when we seek a promotion, or when we buy a house.  The pursuit of success is the consummate fool’s gold. It is a never-ending pursuit.  When we buy that new house we’ve wanted, or that new promotion, it is only a matter of time until we chase the next one.  

It is typically only later in life (later for some than for others) that we discover it is not that which resides in a title, or a bank account, or even in a home, that satisfies us, but that which resides in the heart. Whereas success is a constant treadmill of pursuits, fulfillment is a resting place, filled with satisfaction and contentment.

Throughout my life, I put in an incredible amount of effort into my work, my sports, and even in my family. I was working hard, but not finding the true satisfaction I had always wanted. I was always one job or one promotion away.  I know that never-ending treadmill.  I was living on it. 

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