It is the Journey, Not the Destination

Success is a never-ending, ever-elusive destination…the next job, the next promotion, the next house. Those destinations turn out to be nothing but way-stations, experiencing that ever-so-brief contentment before we move on to the next way-station.

Fulfillment, however, is about being content to enjoy the journey. It’s about relishing every moment and every experience along the way.

I looked forward to writing this book. But I relished each moment of my interviews with Niki Seberini and Deno Hewson And John Mattone. Every conversation I had with those fifty-five individuals, plus the hundreds of others I spoke with during this project, I was ‘in the moment’ with each of them.

There is an expression I’ve heard parents in describing their child’s first visit to Disney World. They said their greatest joy was not being at Disney World, but those magical months of joy as they anticipated going to Disney World.
The journey of writing this book, and the next one, and the next one after that, are my moments of joy in anticipation of writing each of these books.
Yes, doing the unthinkable is not the achievement, but the nature of the journey as you anticipate the achievement. It is indeed ‘the journey, and not the destination.’

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