Follow Your ‘Flow’

Finding your ‘it’, may be one of the most painful and arduous pursuits you’ll ever endure, whether triggered by tragedy or other hardship. Beyond that effort, however, lies magic. The magic of finding your ‘it’ is something called ‘flow.’
Flow is when your body takes over. Flow is when you are in a zone, and your body is on automatic pilot. What at one point seemed painful and even agonizing, becomes effortless. Your greatest challenge, once you find ‘flow’, is to get out of its way.

We know of the stories of great athletes like basketball great, Michael Jordan, or tennis great, Bjorn Borg, describe their greatest performances as being, ‘in a zone.’ They said it was if they were spectators in their own bodies, observing, not directing their magnificent performances.
Once you experience your ‘flow’ be it an athletic performance, or writing the next chapter in a book, your task is to let it flow. Get out of its way and let the magic happen.

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