Be Present, and Grateful

When you think of people who are obsessively focused on achieving great accomplishments, it is easy to conger up an image of a relentless, almost joyless regimen of drills or exercises all dedicated to that one objective. When you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 10-12 hour training days to pursue the Mr. Universe title, all while attending night school, it might be difficult to view his days as ‘joyful.’

He once told of a man that was in the gym where he was training, as being what many would call a ‘weakling.’ He described the man as being a stranger to the machines and the weights in the gym, but he could see the determination in the man’s eyes as he explored his new surroundings. Schwarzenegger describe those little moments that made him appreciate all the effort he was making in pursuit of his titles.

Those moments are in our presence every day. They are the joyous milestones of life. Do not be so mindful of the destination you seek, only to be oblivious of the little moments that earmark your journey.

To be grateful of your accomplishments, you must be grateful of the thousands of moments that were inherent in your journey. Cherish and celebrate those moments.

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