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Personal development is not about becoming someone else, its about becoming your authentic self.

Marcel Kuhn

Unthinkable Coaching

Unthinkable Coaching is an intuitive and personalized coaching program that helps you to break through limitations and fears, build your impactful Vision, and have the courage to realize your vision and live in flow.

As part of the Unthinkable Movement you will enjoy being supported and inspired by like-minded achievers and be held accountable to create the value & Impact you want to create in the world.

Catch Your Dreams Club

The Catch Your Dreams Club is the club where I  offer my 12-month coaching program where members learn how to do the unthinkable and catch their dreams in by-monthly live calls with Marcel Kuhn and with guest speakers. In the Live Group Calls I share how to do the unthinkable and catch your dreams. I share with you all the mindsets, practices and tools, of how you can do the unthinkable in all areas of life, and how you become your most expansive version.

Become a Member of the Catch Your Dreams Club today!

As a member of the Catch Your Dreams Club you will get access to the following:

  • By-Monthly Live Group Calls with Marcel Kuhn, and Guest Speakers
  • Monthly Motivations
  • Access to the CYDC Private Facebook Group
  • Access to the recordings of the Live Group Calls
  • Accountability through the peers
  • Early access to in-person events
  • Tickets for Unthinkable Immersive Experiences at a special price
  • Community of like-minded Dreamers
  • Click on this link to sign up https://www.quantumjumpnow.com/pl/2147619345


Pascal Kienast, Serial Entrepreneur (K-Wave-Consulting, Clemap, Drive My Car)

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hans Fehr, Medical Director, Chief of Medicine and Head of the Department of Internal Medicine at the Cantonal Hospital Graubuenden, KSGR

Marcel Kuhn has supported a variety of projects in my departement – with a focus on process management. During workshops, team events and strategic meetings he has demonstrated extraordinary skills in catching participants’ attention with insightful stories and an unconventional way of thinking. He was able to convince us all that boundaries of personal capacities lie way beyond what we usually think, therefore motivating teams to perform even better. And last but not least: no meeting with Marcel without a chance to smile or laugh – just by his witful and joyful way of teaching.”

Nick Vonzun, Team Leader of Nutritional Therapy Division at the Cantonal Hospital Graubünden, KSGR

Marcel Kuhn conducted coaching with the nutrition therapy department during almost two years, which included various contents.
The topics were team development, personal development and improving work organization. The collaboration with Marcel Kuhn was extremely enriching. He was highly appreciated by the team members due to his ability to explain complex processes in a very comprehensive and entertaining way.
The focus in the last part was to achieve a more flexible, fulfilling and efficient division of activities in the team, which was created in the form of a skill-matrix and has proven to be very successful in the practical implementation.

Personal Development Journey & Breakthroughs

Toni Langone, Digital Sales Expert

How Marcel changed my life

Yes, my life is not the same as before. But was it Marcel who changed it? No, it was me. How did that work? What did he say to me? What did he do? Did he really do anything? Did he impress me? Did I want to be like him? What do I like so much about Marcel?

Sometimes, he calls and just says that he missed me. He talks about what goes on in his life. Even when he must go through very hard times, he never complains. That’s what he gave to me. Just the thought that I can achieve whatever I want.
Not more. And that’s so much. I learned from Marcel that limits are not real, unless you let them grow in your mind. Or in your heart.

Love. Unconditional.
I learned to listen to my inner voice.
Before, I just didn’t know it would exist.

Whenever I recall the many times, we spent together doing cold water immersions followed by deep conversations while drinking hot coffee, I feel my mind released from anxiety and a smile shining on my face.

Thankful to have Marcel as a friend, Toni Langone

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